A Freelance Copywriter's Introduction to ConvertKit

With this free digital course, you'll discover what's possible with ConvertKit and how you can use it in your business.

An introduction to ConvertKit for freelance copywriters

Take a digital tour of the ConvertKit desktop and see what it can do for you!

Designed specifically for newbies to email marketing and ConvertKit, this digital course will walk you through, in short easily digestible videos, how you can leverage the power of this email marketing platform.

An introduction to ConvertKit for freelance copywriters

It's suitable for all tech abilities.

This free digital course is suitable for all tech abilities, so don't think you need to be 'techy'!

With short 3-min (average) videos, you can dip in and out of which parts of ConvertKit you're interested in learning about.

A very intuitive, yet powerful, platform, ConvertKit is perfect for you as a freelance copywriter because it removes the need for faffing around with code or techy stuff, and lets you focus on the things you're a natural at, i.e. writing.

If you've never tried email marketing before, or have but couldn't get it to work for you, then you're in for a treat - you'll be amazed by what's available to you, all at the click of a button! 

interactive sessions that give actionable tips

What other copywriters have said...

Here are just some snippets from copywriters who have enjoyed the process of me helping them to implement email marketing in their businesses...

John's teaching style is wonderfully clear, accessible and encouraging and he goes above and beyond to answer questions, provide support and offer step-by-step demonstrations. I really felt like I could ask anything and John was always there to help - from higher level strategy to technical trouble-shooting. The amount of value and expertise John has to share is incredible. If you want expert insights on email marketing presented in an actionable, implementable way - he's your guy!

Kelly Dunning Warm & Empathic 100% HUMAN Conversion Copywriting

What John doesn't know about email marketing and ConvertKit probably isn't worth knowing. His email marketing course was jam-packed with info. And, now that I've finished it, I feel I have a much deeper understanding of the possibilities, as well as a roadmap for putting what I've learned into practice. If you're looking to build an email list but aren't sure where to start or how to go about it, I'd highly recommend taking one of John's courses.

André Spiteri Expert Fintech Copywriter

In just 2 months of weekly group teaching I went from having no idea about how to start using email marketing in my business, to having a good technical understanding of a leading email marketing platform, a lead magnet written, a landing page published and a sequence of emails ready to launch.

Helen Carrie Freelance B2B Copywriter

Copywriters suffer from the twin problems of perfectionism and procrastination in unhelpful measures. So to have someone with John's skills and friendly delivery provide accountability and take me through setting up an email lead generation and marketing process was just what I needed. Copywriters don't need someone to tell us how to write an email. We need someone to show us how set up a process that takes care of itself and builds into what will hopefully prove a continually replenishing pipeline of new leads. And that's exactly what John did.

Mary Whitehouse Versatile Copywriter, Editor, and Comms Consultant

John's email marketing course was really clear and easy to understand (even for a technophobe like me). He was always happy to go the extra mile and provide more support where needed. The course was well organised, well structured and I feel like I've got a really good idea of where I need to go next with all of this. I would recommend John to anyone looking to learn more about email marketing - his course materials, knowledge and support are very impressive. Thank you John, it's been so helpful.

Olivia Dunn Brand Copywriting Specialist

An introduction to your course tutor...

Hello, I’m John, the person behind this digital course.

Over the years, I’ve had more success with one digital marketing channel than all others combined – email marketing.

Widely accepted as the most lucrative of digital marketing channels, when done properly, you can expect a 30x ROI.

In this short digital video course, you’ll discover the features and functions that ConvertKit provides and how you can leverage them to generate an income in your business using email marketing. 

It’s free to access, you can watch the lessons as many times as you wish, and by the time you’ve completed it, you’ll be perfectly placed to begin using it to grow your business.

And if you find you have any questions along the way, I’m here for you.

JB helping freelance copywriters to up their email game.
A freelance copywriter's introduction to convertkit