Hi, I'm John...

Starting as a software engineer over 30 years ago, I worked for big tech corporations before realising I wasn't cut out for employment.

My 'thing' is working with freelancers who want to grow a steady income to support the lifestyle they want for themselves and their families.

I specialise in helping freelancers attract their ideal clients using content and email marketing best practices.

I provide a range of DIY products, done-with-you programs, and full done-for-you services that mean you get a plug-and-play solution that allows you to focus on what you love doing and creates your income.

Even if you're unsure about what you need or want, I'd love to connect with you and talk through what you want from your business.

Book a no-obligation (yes, really... no pressure - I won't even ask you to buy anything! 😊) Zoom call and let's have an informal chat.

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My ethos around business and life.

I believe it's very important to know who you're working with, in business, especially if that relationship has the potential to impact your results.

That's why I always like to get to know people and learn more about their business so that I can get a good understanding of what it is they want to achieve in business, and indeed in life.

I only want you to succeed and I pass no judgement on what you do or how you do it (providing it's morally and ethically acceptable of course).

I respect you for who you are and accept that you have preferences that may differ from mine.

Some gentle reminders for you, just in case you need them!

We're all running our own race, so stick to your plan, not anyone else's.

Many freelancers fall into the well-trodden trap of watching over their shoulder to see how everyone else is doing and then proceed to beat themselves up for being in a different place instead of celebrating their progress.

And just in case you don't realise, you are undoubtedly someone else's 'shiny penny' right now, wishing they could be where you are!

Everyone is winging it, to some degree, so don't beat yourself up if you are too.

Don't confuse 'winging it' with 'blagging it', for me, they're entirely different things. Winging it is when you know you have the skills, knowledge, and experience to do something, but you're just not certain yet 'how' you're going to do it!

Blagging it is when you commit to delivering something that's completely outside your scope of capability, wasting people's time!

Whatever it is that you want to achieve, someone else has probably done it before.

Unless you're doing something that is completely different and unheard of (which I very much doubt) then the good news is that lots of people have probably achieved it before you, meaning you can use their experience to accelerate your success.

Even if your product or service is very niche, I suspect your commercial business model is an existing one which can be replicated.

Let's get your content and email marketing sorted, starting today!

John Bellingham Email marketing strategist and mentor.

What other freelancers have been saying...

"John's skills and friendly delivery provide accountability and take me through setting up an email lead generation and marketing process was just what I needed. Copywriters don't need someone to tell us how to write an email. We need someone to show us how to set up a process that takes care of itself and builds a continually replenishing pipeline of leads. That's exactly what John did."
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Mary Whitehouse
Freelance Copywriter
"What John doesn't know about email marketing and ConvertKit probably isn't worth knowing. Now that I've finished his course, I have a much deeper understanding of the possibilities, as well as a roadmap for putting what I've learned into practice. If you're looking to build an email list but aren't sure where to start or how to go about it, I'd highly recommend John's courses."
"I went from having no idea about how to start using email marketing in my business, to having a good understanding of a leading email marketing platform, a lead magnet written, a landing page published and a sequence of emails ready to launch. I would highly recommend the course to anyone lacking the confidence, technical skills, or knowledge to get started with email marketing."
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Helen Carrie
Freelance Copywriter