How to edit an existing ConvertKit Visual Automation without impacting in-flow subscribers

The challenge we need to overcome

Now and then, we need to make changes to existing Visual Automations when several subscribers can be mid-flow (i.e. started the automation, but not yet completed) and we don’t want to upset or impact their progress (which editing a Visual Automation can do!).

So, rather than tinker with the ‘live’ version of a Visual Automation whilst people are funnelled through its various steps, we need to take an offline approach and implement the changes in a phased transition.

Transitioning from the existing automation to the new one.

Step #1 of 4:

The first thing to do is create a copy of the existing Visual Automation. With two versions of the Visual Automation, you can begin to phase out the existing one and replace it with the updated new one.

To make a copy, head for your list of Visual Automations and look for the one you want to copy; at the right-hand side of the row, click the 3 dots and select ‘Duplicate‘;

In your list of Visual Automations, you’ll now see an exact copy of the original, with the word ‘(copy)‘ appended to the original title.

Step #2 of 4:

Make your planned edits to the Visual Automation, using the newly created ‘copy’ of the automation, but do NOT make it ‘live’ yet – keep it ‘paused‘.

Step #3 of 4:

Create a new landing page that will act as a temporary entry point for joining the Visual Automation – it doesn’t matter which template you choose, it’s just a placeholder entry point that nobody will ever use or see.

Once created, add it as an entry point to the existing version of the Visual Automation.

Once added, remove the original starting point (or points, if you have multiple) from the Visual Automation.

Okay, let’s pause and take a summary view of where you are now…

You should now have the original Visual Automation, with its single entry point as the new placeholder form, but still running ‘live’ (this allows in-flow subscribers to continue as normal, but nobody else can join it).

And, you should also have the newly edited version of the Visual Automation in draft mode (i.e. ‘paused’).

Step #4 of 4:

With the new version of the Visual Automation opened, make it ‘live’ by toggling the slider at the top-right of the screen;

🙌 Congratulations, you just replaced an existing Visual Automation with an updated version, without interrupting your mid-flow subscribers.

The final step that you should do for good housekeeping is to delete the original Visual Automation AFTER all in-flow subscribers have exited it.

You can see how many subscribers are in any single step of your Visual Automation by checking the relevant box – see the example below, where there are 0 subscribers still in the automation step, with 15 having completed it;


If you’re going to make edits to an existing Visual Automation, make a copy of the original and make your changes in the duplicate copy.

Once you’ve made your edits, phase the original version out by removing the entry points (nobody else can join), and add the only entry point(s) to the new version.


  1. Make a copy by duplicating the original Visual Automation.
  2. Edit the new Visual Automation as required.
  3. Add a placeholder entry point to the original Visual Automation.
  4. Make your new Visual Automation ‘live’

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