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Did you know that email marketing has an average return on investment of around 40:1, meaning that for every £1 you spend, you can expect to get £40 in return providing it’s set up and being used properly.

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As a thank you for downloading the playbook, you’ll also get access to this beginner’s guide to email marketing. You can download it from the same email that your playbook will arrive in.

Beginner's Guide to Email Marketing

What other people say...

Don’t just take my word for it, this is what others have to say.

“John's teaching, advice, recommendations, and guidance are so easy to follow and implement and he's there holding my hand all the way. You can just tell when someone really wants you see you improve as much as you do yourself, and John's passion shines through brightly.”
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Ian Genius
Natural Sales Conversations
“Throughout, working with John, he was incredibly kind and patient. Whenever I forgot something and found myself stuck, John was been there to help and guide me. Not once have I ever felt stupid for not knowing or understanding something - part of my tech fear.”
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Gemma Marks
Teen Coach
“Despite my lack of confidence around apps and systems, John's training is so simple because he literally shows you, click-by-click, what to do. His attention to detail leaves no question unanswered. I highly recommend his training, especially if you lack confidence."
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Clare-Marie Scott
NLP Master Practitioner