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Email marketing workshops for service-based solopreneurs.

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11th April - 30th May

Every Tuesday between 10am - 11am (BST)

You get my "nobody left behind" promise

I deliver my workshops with my 'nobody left behind' promise. I cater for all abilities and will ensure that you have everything you need (including 1-2-1 time with me if required) to successfully deliver your email marketing system into your business.

My unique 100% money-back guarantee

You have zero risk with my 100% money-back guarantee

If you join the 8-week workshop and then decide (for ANY reason) after the first week that it's not for you - no problem, just let me know and I'll offboard you and give you a full refund - no quibbles.

Check out the cohort #1 Bonuses - value £515!

If you join the first cohort of the email marketing workshops, you'll qualify for the following bonuses!

Bonus #1 - "How to Get Started with ConvertKit" digital course.

£ 125 (value)
  • 12 modules
  • 2.5 hours of video content
  • Downloadable course handbook

Bonus #2 - Free access to future cohort of email marketing workshops.

£ 295 (value)
  • 8 weeks of workshops
  • Recorded workshop sessions
  • Access to private LinkedIn group

Bonus #3 - £95 discount on any of my done-for-you services.

£ 95 (value)
  • Email marketing design and build service
  • Discount voucher valid for 12 months
  • 1-2-1 training session with me

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The 8-week workshop schedule

Below, you'll see a week-by-week plan of what we'll be covering during our 8 weeks together. And don't worry, I run a "nobody left behind" policy, so I'll personally make sure you get everything you need to successfully complete the workshops.

Starting on your lead generation system

Your lead magnet

You'll learn what makes an effective lead magnet and how to create the perfect one for your business.

Week 1 of 8

Bring an open mind and a desire to grow your business!

Getting started with sequences

Your first email sequence

We'll be crafting your first email sequence in advance of launching your lead generation system.

Week 2 of 8

Don't worry if you've never done it before, it's a piece of cake!

Going 'live' with your leads

Start collecting new leads

We'll be looking at how you can start collecting leads right away with your new lead gen system.

Week 3 of 8

Using your first lead magnet, you'll start collecting new leads!

Nurturing your relationships

Nurture and grow

We'll be creating content to nurture the relationship with your leads and grow your revenue with more sales.

Week 4 of 8

Once you've collected your leads, it's time to build your relationships.

Using tech to automate your system

Automate your system

We'll identify the repetitive and mundane tasks that you can automate, meaning you can focus on more important things.

Week 5 of 8

Leverage the power of technology to streamline your system.

As a content creator, you need to be consistent

Create infinite content

We'll be implementing a proven content delivery design that allows you to consistently provide value to your list.

Week 6 of 8

Consistently sharing content is key to running your system.

Make more sales by converting prospects

Convert leads to clients

We'll be crafting automated email sequences that will help you to convert your warm prospects into loyal clients.

Week 7 of 8

A steady stream of client conversions will increase your revenue.

System optimisation to maximise results

Optimise your system

We'll be looking at ways in which you can optimise your content and email marketing systems so as to maximise your returns.

Week 8 of 8

With all components of your system in pace, it's time to optimise your system.

ian genius headshot e1651399083919
Ian Genius Natural Sales Conversations

“John's teaching, advice, recommendations, and guidance are so easy to follow and implement and he's there holding my hand all the way. You can just tell when someone really wants you see you improve as much as you do yourself, and John's passion shines through brightly.”

gemm headshot e1651399105312
Gemma Marks Awkward Conversations

“Throughout, working with John, he was incredibly kind and patient. Whenever I forgot something and found myself stuck, John was been there to help and guide me. Not once have I ever felt stupid for not knowing or understanding something - part of my fear of technology."

testimonial headshot
Clare-Marie Scott NLP Master Practitioner

“Despite my lack of confidence around apps and systems, John's training is so simple because he literally shows you, click-by-click, what to do. His attention to detail leaves no question unanswered. I highly recommend his training, especially if you lack confidence around technology or systems"

    Frequently Asked Questions

    These workshops are intended for service-based solopreneurs who are looking to grow their businesses using the power of content and email marketing.

    I'll be covering everything that's required to design and build a successful email marketing system and therefore I'll be assuming no prior knowledge of having used email marketing before.

    The workshops are suitable for all technical abilities as I'll be showing you how to implement everything, click-by-click.


    These workshops are NOT for you if you run an e-commerce-type business, where your business typically sells products via an online store. 

    That type of business requires a differently configured email marketing system (using a more ecommerce-centric email marketing platform), one that manages specific events like abandoned carts or 'back in stock' messaging, or even shipment updates for products purchased.

    They are also not for you if you have a successfully configured email marketing system that is already delivering you leads and clients in your business.

    If you join the workshops and, after the first session, discover it's not for you (for any reason), just let me know and I'll offboard you, give you a full refund, together with my best wishes - no quibbles.

    By the time you implement each of the actions from the workshop series, you'll have a lead generation system where you can collect leads from your various digital assets (e.g. social platforms, websites etc.), an email marketing system that includes automated email sequences, and a strategy for creating and curating content that will enhance your online presence so that you can grow your business.

    Yes, each session will be recorded meaning that you can catch up on any of the sessions that you're unable to attend 'live'.

    If you join the initial cohort, you'll get access to my online digital course entitled "How to Get Started with ConvertKit" which gives you step-by-step instructions to supplement what I'll be sharing with you during the 8 weeks.

    This online digital course normally retails at £125 on my website.

    You will also get a second bonus, worth £295 - you can attend the subsequent cohort for free, provided you've participated in the initial cohort and given your feedback on completion.

    You will also be offered a £95 discount off any of my other done-for-you services, should you decide that's something you'd like to do - this effectively gives you all 8 weeks of workshops for free - plus the other added bonuses!

    Total bonus value for cohort #1 = £515.

    I will be using ConvertKit for all the workshop sessions where we'll be using an email marketing platform.

    You can set up a free account which gives you a 14-day trial of all premium features, however I'll send you a link to do this just before we get started - this will maximise the time you get on your free trial.

    If you decide to keep a premium subscription for ConvertKit after the workshops, pricing starts at just $9/month.

    I want every single attendee of my workshops to be empowered to design and build the email marketing system that will help them to grow their business.

    As we all have differing tech abilities and each learn in our own ways, I will do whatever is necessary to ensure that you have everything you need to complete all the actions - even if that means allocating separate 1-2-1 time to help you get results.

    All workshop sessions will be delivered via Zoom.

    On joining, you will receive an email that invites you to register for all events (using a link that's unique to you) that will be taking place during our 8 weeks together. 

    My 100% money-back guarantee gives you peace of mind, knowing that if, after the first workshop session, you discover it's not right for you, you can simply email me at to let me know and I'll offboard you from the workshop series, and refund your payment in full.

    Whenever I launch a new product or service, I always like to give the early-adopters a special price for putting their trust in me.

    The regular price will be £295 when subsequent cohorts start, however you can get a £200 discount by joining from the start.

    You'll also be eligible for more than £500 of bonuses as a way of me saying "thank you" to all my early adopters (max. 10 in cohort #1).

    I would also appreciate your feedback once you have completed cohort #1 - your honest review will help to shape the content for future cohort workshops.

    During the 8 weeks you can expect to be receiving emails from me that will help to sign-post you for what's coming up and when certain events will be taking place.

    You will be asked to join a private LinkedIn group where you and other cohort attendees can share experiences and get help from me whenever you need it.

    I'll also share updates inside this group, so you don't want to miss out on anything.

    My unique 100% money-back guarantee

    You have zero risk with my 100% money-back guarantee

    If you join the 8-week workshop and then decide (for ANY reason) after the first week that it's not for you - no problem, just let me know and I'll offboard you and give you a full refund - no quibbles.

    Book now for upcoming workshop

    11th April - 30th May

    Every Tuesday between 10am - 11am (BST)

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