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Let's get your email marketing up and running, starting today.

There are 3 ways in which I can help you get your email marketing system up and running; simply select the one that works best for you.

Do It Yourself

Use my digital content to work at your own pace, resulting in you building your own email marketing system.


Option 1

Do It With You

Over a series of Zoom calls, you and I will work together to design and build your email marketing system.


Option 2

Do It For You

After an initial Zoom call, and with your input, I'll design, build, and deliver your email marketing system for you.


Option 3

Your current needs are unique to you, and I get it.

As solopreneurs, we’re all at various stages in our businesses. This could be your first business, with everything being a new experience for you, or perhaps you’re a bit more experienced and been going a while now. 

Wherever you are right now, a number of factors like your levels of experience, your depth of knowledge, and your propensity for growth and risk will all influence your decisions in your business, so when making choices, be guided by your instinct as it’s usually right.

That’s why I offer three ways in which I can provide you with your own lead generation and email marketing system.


Option 1. Do It Yourself

If you’re in a place right now where finances are tight and you need to choose your spending wisely, then I have a low-cost, high-value digital course that walks you through the entire process, meaning you’ll have a fully functioning email marketing system by the time you’ve completed the course.

It’s been designed to accommodate the needs of all technical abilities, with over-the-shoulder style video content that shows you exactly how to do each action required in each of the 12 modules. The great thing about digital courses is that you get instant access to everything you need immediately, but can work through it at a pace that works for you.


Option 2. Do It With You*

If you’d prefer to have some training, guidance, and mentoring along the way, then I offer a 6-week program where I’ll show you exactly what needs to be done, how to do it, and provide support as you complete each action.

During the entire 6-week period, and for 2-weeks afterwards, you’ll have access to me for ongoing support, meaning that if you ever get stuck or just need more info, I’m there for you and I can quickly get you over your challenges.

This is such a great way to implement new features into your business because you’re experiencing everything first-hand, and by actually doing stuff yourself, you’ll get a much better understanding of how it all hangs together.

*This also comes with free access to the Email Marketing Made Really Simple Digital Course (value £125)


Let's work together and build your email marketing system.

Option 3. Do It For You*

Some people just don’t have the time or inclination to set up their email marketing system themselves, and I get that – they just want the end result which provides them with the ongoing benefits, i.e. the lead generation and email marketing system.

So, if that sounds like you, then let me do everything for you. Once we’ve established exactly what it is you want from your email marketing system, I’ll design it, build it, and deliver it for your business. 

This comes with a training session where I’ll walk you through the system once completed, so that you know how it all hangs together. It also comes with post-delivery support, meaning if you have any questions, I’m there for you.

The requirements will be collected during a 1:1 kick-off session that we’ll have, I’ll design a plan for delivery and run it past you for approval. Once approved, I’ll take care of everything and have it ready for you within just 2 weeks. Along the way, I’ll share my progress and ask for input where required. The look and feel, and the tone of voice needs to be right for you and your business, so this is an important phase.

*This also comes with free access to the Email Marketing Made Really Simple Digital Course (value £125)


Let me design and build your email marketing system for you.
“John's teaching, advice, recommendations and guidance are so easy to follow and implement and he's there holding my hand all the way. You can just tell when someone really wants you see you improve as much as you do yourself, and John's passion shines through so brightly.”
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Ian Genius
Natural Sales Conversations
“Throughout, working with John, he was incredibly kind and patient. Whenever I forgot something and found myself stuck, John was been there to help and guide me. Not once have I ever felt stupid for not knowing or understanding something - part of my tech fear.”
Testimonial headshot photograph.
Gemma Marks
Teen Coach
“Despite my lack of confidence around apps and systems, John's training is so simple because he literally shows you, click-by-click, what to do. His attention to detail leaves no question unanswered. I highly recommend his training, especially if you lack confidence."
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Clare-Marie Scott
NLP Master Practitioner