If you have a WordPress website (or plan to), I have something that’s really cool to share with you – I’ve been using it in my business for a few months.

It’s one of the features that comes with ConvertKit’s WordPress plugin – and this is how it works…

(If you haven’t yet installed the ConvertKit WordPress plugin, download and install it now – it’s the one showing below that you’ll want.)

Okay, now log into ConvertKit…

Open a new ‘broadcast‘ session inside ConvertKit (menu option ‘Send’ -> ‘Broadcasts’), and write what you’d normally write when crafting a blog post (as if you were creating a blog post on your website).

Break it up into the relevant sub-topics, add in your media elements (images, videos etc.) and then get it ready to send – this is where the magic begins to happen…

(This is a very meta post as I’m using the exact process I’m explaining to you, to create this post that you’re reading right now.) 😃

When you’ve finished writing…

Once you’re happy that you have your broadcast (i.e. blog post) the way you want it, you now need to send it and make it available for WordPress to use it inside your website.

ConvertKit will prompt you to select how you wish to share your broadcast, either via an email or by publishing it to the web – you want to choose the latter, as shown below;

Upload an image that you want to be associated with your broadcast, although tbh, you can always change this after you’ve published it.

Click through the process until your broadcast has been published and you get a message that looks like this one (below);

The ‘magic’ is now happening behind the scenes…

What do I mean?

Well, after you publish your broadcast, the ConvertKit plugin detects that you’ve done this and makes it available inside your ‘posts’ within WordPress, meaning you can then publish it as a blog post on your website.

You can configure it to behave as you need it to, either automatically publishing your blog post for you or leaving it in ‘draft’ mode until you’re ready to publish it.

I choose to leave it in ‘draft’ format so that I can ‘top and tail’ it before I add it to my website (by ‘top and tail’, I may add an image or add something that I’m promoting via my website.

Once published, the broadcast you crafted inside Convertkit will be published as a blog post on your website, just like this one you’re reading now, now showing on my website!

This is just another clever idea from the team at ConvertKit and I’m sure it’s a feature that will only get better with each update.


⚡️What to do now…

Install the ConvertKit WordPress plugin (via your website admin panel) and configure it to behave the way you want it to. It’s a straightforward process to set up, but if you need any help, just let me know and I’ll send you some help.

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