A free membership group where freelancers level up their email game to win more clients.

Join a community of freelancers who share your goal of attracting and converting more leads into clients using the power of email marketing.

The Thursday Email Club - where freelance copywriters come to up their email game.

Surround yourself with other freelancers.

You’ll be joining a community of like-minded freelancers who are also designing, building, and testing their email marketing systems, and by sharing results and experiences, you will learn much more than would ever be possible to do in isolation.

The Thursday Email Club Membership for freelance copywriters

Immerse yourself in proven email marketing strategies.

In the freelancing world, it can be a real struggle trying to maintain a steady flow of new leads and clients in your business.

You’ll undoubtedly have periods where you’re maxed out, stressing over delivery deadlines and rewrites, and then a few months later you’ll be spending too much time doom-scrolling on social, looking for the next client.

This never-ending cycle of peaks and troughs seems to be the accepted norm for most freelancers, however, it doesn’t have to be that way.

By using tried and tested email marketing strategies in your business, you can begin to emulate the same success that others are getting right now.

Your inbox will start to receive new leads who’ll begin to trust you, and with properly implemented email sequences, you’ll convert your prospects into long-standing paying clients.

Your email marketing system will provide a repeatable business model that’ll have your next clients lined up and ready to go as you come to the end of a job.

If you’re a serious freelancer, The Thursday Email Club is for you!

Move the dial with monthly accountability!

Commit to what you want to deliver in your business and then be held to account to guarantee your progress.

As we all know, progress is only ever made when you hold yourself accountable for what it is you want to do in your business.

Get inspired by other freelancers' goals and create your own to make sure you achieve them - there's nothing quite like a peer group to make you take action! Turn those 'shoulds' into 'dids'!

get accountability inside the thursday email club

Grow your email list and be self-sufficient.

Most people do the same thing - build audiences on social channels and then expose themselves to the possibility of having their account suspended or being at the mercy of platform algorithm changes.

But that's a precarious position to be in, and you must put a safeguard in place to guarantee continuity of business even if the worst should happen.

Networking on social channels is a fantastic thing to do, but migrating your audiences over to your owned email list is the most sensible thing you can do.

Join today and discover how to start and grow your email list using proven strategies and techniques that will protect you in every scenario.

interactive sessions that give actionable tips

Come together in a peer network.

Probably one of the most challenging aspects of freelancing is the solitude of daily business - often, we don't even have a sounding board for running ideas by.

Inside The Thursday Email Club, you'll have access to a network of your peers, all of whom share your challenges and aspire to similar outcomes. Just by being part of such a group you'll inevitably learn and implement as you go.

When we're collectively focused on a set of deliverables, the overall momentum gets distributed amongst everyone, meaning everyone wins! What's that old saying... "A rising tide lifts all boats!"

grow your business using a peer network

Get answers with members' questions.

You know what it's like, you start a new course or program and within the first few steps you hit a snag - things don't quite go to plan! But don't worry, I've got you covered!

Following along with webinars or course lessons is great, but no matter how fantastic the content is, you'll eventually come up against something that you either don't quite understand or can't get to work as desired. It's frustrating, to say the least - I know, I've been there!

That's why I have a promise to all members; if you have a question that needs an answer, submit it to the private group and I'll give a written or video response that all members can benefit from.

Do you have any questions that you would like me to answer for you?

Actionable tips from interactive sessions.

You've seen plenty of them in your time - those online groups or courses where everything is a one-way broadcast with very little interaction. resulting in little to no progress in members' businesses.

But being part of this membership is different; you'll regularly get content that questions how you do stuff and give you suggestions on how you can improve areas of your business using proven email marketing techniques.

You'll get takeaways that you can adopt, adapt, and implement in your business to help you get similar success to others.

interactive sessions that give actionable tips
email marketing

What you get inside the free membership

The main purpose of the membership is to give you access to the resources that you need to grow your income, as a freelancer, using email marketing.

This includes education, community, accountability, and shared experiences of what works versus what doesn't. 


Weekly 'live' webinars

Weekly sessions, each with a single topic of focus where you'll learn how to improve your email marketing system, plus a Q&A section.
LinkedIn members private group

Private LinkedIn group

Regular updates and discussions with your fellow members. All kept privately within the group, so you can share freely.
ConvertKit training for freelance copywriters

ConvertKit training

Keep updated with all the latest features on the ConvertKit platform with regular roundup videos of what's new and how to use it.
Self-paced digital courses for freelance copywriters

Digital courses

Digital content delivered at your own pace, mostly video content to learn about email marketing best practices and how to optimise its use.
member questions from freelance copywriters

Member questions

Ask anything you wish about email marketing and you'll get a video response showing you exactly how to overcome any challenges you encounter.
Onboarding calls for freelance copywriters

Member support calls

You'll never feel isolated or stuck with invitations to book support calls to ensure your continued progress as you build your email marketing system.

What other freelancers have said...

Here are just some snippets from freelancers who have enjoyed the process of me helping them to implement email marketing in their businesses...

John's teaching style is wonderfully clear, accessible and encouraging and he goes above and beyond to answer questions, provide support and offer step-by-step demonstrations. I really felt like I could ask anything and John was always there to help - from higher level strategy to technical trouble-shooting. The amount of value and expertise John has to share is incredible. If you want expert insights on email marketing presented in an actionable, implementable way - he's your guy!

kelly headshot jpeg
Kelly Dunning Warm & Empathic 100% HUMAN Conversion Copywriting

What John doesn't know about email marketing and ConvertKit probably isn't worth knowing. His email marketing course was jam-packed with info. And, now that I've finished it, I feel I have a much deeper understanding of the possibilities, as well as a roadmap for putting what I've learned into practice. If you're looking to build an email list but aren't sure where to start or how to go about it, I'd highly recommend taking one of John's courses.

andre headshot jpeg
André Spiteri Expert Fintech Copywriter

In just 2 months of weekly group teaching I went from having no idea about how to start using email marketing in my business, to having a good technical understanding of a leading email marketing platform, a lead magnet written, a landing page published and a sequence of emails ready to launch.

helen headshot jpeg
Helen Carrie Freelance B2B Copywriter

Copywriters suffer from the twin problems of perfectionism and procrastination in unhelpful measures. So to have someone with John's skills and friendly delivery provide accountability and take me through setting up an email lead generation and marketing process was just what I needed. Copywriters don't need someone to tell us how to write an email. We need someone to show us how set up a process that takes care of itself and builds into what will hopefully prove a continually replenishing pipeline of new leads. And that's exactly what John did.

mary whitehouse headshot jpeg
Mary Whitehouse Versatile Copywriter, Editor, and Comms Consultant

John's email marketing course was really clear and easy to understand (even for a technophobe like me). He was always happy to go the extra mile and provide more support where needed. The course was well organised, well structured and I feel like I've got a really good idea of where I need to go next with all of this. I would recommend John to anyone looking to learn more about email marketing - his course materials, knowledge and support are very impressive. Thank you John, it's been so helpful.

olivia headshot jpeg
Olivia Dunn Brand Copywriting Specialist

My aspirations for The Thursday Email Club...

Hello, I’m John, the person behind The Thursday Email Club.

Over the years, I’ve had more success with one digital marketing channel than all others combined – email marketing.

Widely accepted as the most lucrative of digital marketing channels, when done properly, you can expect a 30x ROI.

Inside this membership, I show freelancers, just like you, how to design, build, launch, and grow their email marketing systems.

The group will always be a small and focused one, with people who share a common goal – to grow their businesses using the power of email marketing ethically and morally (i.e. no clickbaity, scammy-email stuff around here!).

I want it to be a safe place where you can test new ideas, model others’ successes, and get all the support you need, whenever you need it.

If you adopt the strategies and techniques I share with you, consistently and with a bias towards taking action, you’ll be in the top 2% of freelancers who use email marketing in their businesses.

JB helping freelance copywriters to up their email game.

Frequently asked questions

Is the membership free?

Yip, The Thursday Email Club is completely free. Join now. 😊

Who is the membership for?

A summary of the ideal profile for new members:

  • You’re a freelancer.
  • You’re NOT currently using email marketing in your business (or at least, not effectively).
  • You’re happy to use ConvertKit as your email marketing platform.
  • You can commit to 2 hours per week (min.).

*ConvertKit caters very well for freelancers and the premium plans start at just $9/m. If you decide to join the membership group and NOT use ConvertKit, just know that I will be unlikely to support specific queries that you will have with your chosen platform. (For context, there are approximately 400 platforms to choose from).

How much time do I need to commit to per week?

You can dip in and out as often and for as long as you wish. 

Ideally, and to make good progress, you’ll want to be able to dedicate at least 2 hours per week to growing your business using email marketing.

What if I'm not techy?

You don’t have to be techy to benefit from what you learn inside the group.

Everything is delivered for all tech abilities, including technophobes!

Which email marketing platform do you use?

I focus on ConvertKit. Having used many similar platforms over the years, ConvertKit does pretty much everything a freelancer needs it to do, and it’s affordable, starting at just $9/m (for up to 300 subscribers).

How long does it take to get my email marketing system set up?

Well, that’s the “How long is a piece of string?” question… 🤷🏻‍♂️

It really depends on how much effort you put into it, and over which time period.


On average, it takes a new start about 2-3 months to get their first email subscribers flowing into their list, but equally, if you’re pretty gung-ho and wanted to go all-in, you could do it in a week or two! 

I'd like to join the membership, but I don't use ConvertKit - is that a problem?

The membership group is very ConvertKit-centric when it comes to the email marketing platform, and it’s what I use to show, step-by-step, how to perform certain functions.

However, all the strategies and techniques that I share inside the group can be applied to any email marketing platform, provided you have the knowledge of how to implement each step in your chosen platform.

Just be aware that if you’re using anything other than ConvertKit, the support for your chosen platform will be very limited.

Can I move from Mailchimp (or any other) over to ConvertKit?

Absolutely, if you have a list of email subscribers on another platform, you can easily transfer to ConvertKit using their migration service (they’ll migrate you for free providing you subscribe to one of their paid plans).

free membership for freelancers - where freelancers come to up their email game